Study visit to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (13.10.2019-19.10.2019)


Coordination Platform for Sustainable Management of Natural Fodder Areas, following its 2019 work plan, organized a study visit to the Kyrgyz Republic. The visit took place from 13th to 19th of October, 2019. The choice of the country was conditioned by the success and progress of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of pasture management.
Representatives of Platform member and partner organizations, member of RA National Assembly, as well as representatives of RA Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Ministry of Environment, and Syunik Regional Administration took part in the visit.

The purpose of the visit was to study the successful experience of pasture management in the Kyrgyz Republic and use the gained experience for the development of the Concept paper of sustainable pasture management in Armenia. In particular the focus of the study visit was to learn about the existing legal and institutional framework related to the field and to get acquainted with the work of national and regional structures coordinating pasture management.

During the visit, a meeting was held with Vice-speaker of the Kyrgyz Parliament Mr. Mirlan Bakirov to discuss the law-making process in the field of pasture management in Kyrgyzstan. The Head of pasture management department under the Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Kubanychbek Eshimbetov presented the Department’s role in promoting the pasture reform. During the visits with the representatives of Association of pasture-users’ unions, Pasture management committee and Regional association of the Pasture management committee, the participants learned about the community management mechanisms on place.

The participants of the visit got acquainted with the mechanisms of community-based pasture management during the meetings held with the representatives of the National Association of Pasture Users’ Unions, Pasture Management Committee and Regional Association of Pasture Management Committee.

During the study visit participants also met with representatives of international organizations operating in the Kyrgyz Republic. Marat Asanaliev, National Coordinator at GIZ and Mirgul Amanalieva, Project coordinator at UNDP-GEF presented initiatives implemented in the field of pasture use and management as well as the Electronic Pasture Management System.

The study visit was organized with the support of Platform member: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in frames of Integrated Biodiversity Management South Caucasus (IBiS) programme.