“Second Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness” (CARMAC 2) project

The Second Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness Project (CARMAC 2) financed by World Bank Group and implemented by RA Ministry of Economy in RA 109 Communities of 8 Marzes (except for Ararat and Armavir) aims at:

  1. Extending the coverage of the pasture-based livestock system component by including more communities, primarily those adjacent to the villages already included in CARMAC Project, and fine-tunes the CARMAC program based on lessons learned and to emphasize community participation and decision-making.
  2. Supporting the development of selected value chains by strengthening links between producers and processors, promoting food safety and supporting producers’ associations, including provision of matching grants.
  3. Providing support to public sector institutions and development of regulatory frameworks in support of improved market access. In this way, the Project will support the overall goals of increasing competitiveness and market access of Armenian produce. Moreover, the Project will seek to address gender and social inclusion issues primarily through its use of participatory processes.

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to:

  • further improve productivity and sustainability of pasture and livestock systems in targeted communities and
  • increase the marketed production of selected livestock and high value agrifood value chains.

This will be achieved through:

  • developing and implementing participatory management plans to improve productivity and sustainability of pasture and livestock systems in targeted communities in upland areas;
  • linking producers and processors to markets, focusing on selected livestock production (milk and meat) and high value produce (fruit and vegetables);
  • supporting development of specific public sector institutions that are essential to increase the marketed production from these products.

Pasture-related results:

  • Within the framework of CARMAC 2 project, about 100,000 hectares of pastures were irrigated in 80 communities of 8 regions of the Republic of Armenia to prevent overgrazing in rural areas;
  • At the end of the project, at the end of 2021, it is planned to have about 130,000 hectares of irrigated pastures in 109 communities of 8 regions of Armenia;
  • Pasture management plans for 110 communities/settlements have been developed;
  • About 40 cooperatives have been provided with training on various topics, including sustainable pasture management related topics, and all 110 cooperatives will be trained by the end of the project.


The data is updated on 1 st of August, 2020.

Duration: January 2015-April 2022

Geography: Syunik region of RA, Lori region of RA, Kotayk region of RA, Aragatsotn region of RA, Gegharkunik region of RA, Shirak region of RA, Tavush region of RA and Vayots Dzor region of RA

Financed by:World Bank Group

Implemented by:RA Ministry of Economy

Manager of Project: David Mejlumyan

1-st Component Coordinator: Karen Torosyan

Address: 5 M. Mkrtchyan, Yerevan 375010

Tel.: +374 (011) 597288