UNDP-GEF “Mainstreaming Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Mountain Landscapes of North- Eastern Armenia” project

Financed by UNDP-GEF and implemented by Ministry of Environment and UNDP Armenia “Mainstreaming Sustainable Land and Forest Management in Mountain Landscapes of North-Eastern Armenia” project aims to support the introduction of sustainable land և forest management practices: New generation forest management plans, alternative livelihood development programs for forest dwellers and energy-efficient solutions to reduce the pressure on forest ecosystems, and to ensure continous provision of ecosystem services. Within the framework of the project, the restoration of 1000 hectares of forest and forest adjacent communities degraded pastures was envisaged. The program is implemented in 8 communities of Lori and Tavush marzes.


-In 2019-2020, sowing of fodder crops was carried out in 490 hectares of selected arable lands from the target communities,
– On the 490 ha degraded pastures of the selected communities demosntrative surface treatments along with sowing of perennial herbs (clover, alfaalfa, etc.) were carried out.

The data is updated on 1 st of August, 2020.

Duration: July, 2016-December, 2020

Geography: Lori and Tavush marzes

Financed by: UNDP-GEF

Implemented by: Minsitry of Environment and UNDP Armenia

Contact Person: Hovik Sayadyan

Address: Petros Adamyan St., 14 Building

Tel.: +374 91 382978