The Program Coordination Platform for Sustainable Management of RA’s Natural Fodder Areas: Pastures and Grasslands was established in 2018 as a result of collaboration of Strategic Development Agency NGO, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Environmental programme and Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness II Project, implemented by the RA Ministry of Economy.
The rationale for creation of the Platform was the need to promote effective cooperation, exchange of information, as well as coordination of activities among the projects implemented in Armenia, focusing on sustainable management of natural fodder areas.
Since 2018 the Platform has evolved and now more than 10 organizations, institutions, projects and public administration bodies are involved in the Platform’s activities, aiming to ensure viability of programs and investments in the area of animal farming, increase economic opportunities of communities and support income growth of rural residents in Armenia.


The key objectives of the Program Coordination Platform for Sustainable Management of RA’s Natural Fodder Areas: Pastures and Grasslands” are:

  • Coordination of program activities, including exchange of information and experience, work planning
  • Identification of potential cooperation areas
  • Implementation of joint projects, activities
  • Advocating and supporting development of relevant state policy and legislation promoting sustainable use and management of natural fodder areas

Founding documents