Experience exchange

Studying effective pasture management practices in the Kyrgyz Republic

Taking into account the successes and progress of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of effective pasture management, with the support of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Environmental programme, a study tour to the Kyrgyz Republic was organized for more than 10 representatives of Platform partner and stakeholder organizations from 13 to 19 October 2019.

During the visit, the participants got acquainted with the pasture management system in the Kyrgyz Republic, met with the representatives of the legislative and executive state bodies that were involved in carrying out a pasture reform, visited the Kyrgyz National Association of Pasture Users, which is a part of the pasture management system, as well as got acquainted with the work of Pasture Committees on a local level.  More information about the visit can be found in the news section.

Updated as of 05.08.2020